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My love for Saga led me to create a doorway of curiosity for all Internet visitors.

I was born, grown up, lived in the lanes of this village, emigrated, came back and right now I wish to pay back to Saga, the least of what I owe it.

The paws of goat – footed Pan are still engraved on the rocks and mountains of our village. I would be unforgivable, especially to the history of my fatherland, not to contribute to the lemma “ Saga “ from the global Encyclopaedia of knowledge in the Internet.

One’s love for one’s country does not belong to one exclusively. It is owed to those following. This is exactly what I intended to do, to transmit to the younger ones this love which in its turn was distilled me by my elders.

Allow me to take you for a walk to the past and present of Saga…

Your Guide…

G. Vasilopoulos

Many thanks to Vassilis Salapatas and Bill Manos for their valuable assistance. They know the reason why….

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