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Saga is a mountainous village in the province of Mantineia, situated amphitheatrically in the hill-sides of mountain Lurkeion (at the foot of “Goupato,”) 22 Km N.E of the city of Tripolis and close to Argolida´s valley

General Information
Saga is a mountainous village in the province of Mantineia, situated amphitheatrically in the hill-sides of mountain Lurkeion (at the foot of “Goupato,”) 22 Km N.E of the city of Tripolis and close to Argolida´s valley

The view of Saga from “Gortsia”
Saga is only 7 KM away from the village Nestani, the center of Mntineia municipality.

A warm place to be!
Saga is an unspoiled village with traditional stone-hammered houses, constructed by the “mastores,” the village’s famous group of the stone–builders.

The view of Saga from Katarachi
Even its ruins breathe out the vivid spirit of old and prosperous times.

The view from Saga.
Saga has a magnificent and panoramic view overlooking the Valley of Mantineia, the tunnel of Aremision and the famous «Argon Pedion», (the “Slow Place”) of the ancient Mantineians. In days of old the valley remained uncultivated because of the heavy waters that spring off the surrounding mountains of Atremisio, Lyrkrio and Armenia.

The view of Saga from Goupata
Climbing up the Lyrkrio Mountain you will come across the famous “Cedars of Libanon” and you will be surprised from the riches of trees and wild flowers. You will also see the numerous caves, which gave shelter to fugitives Greeks during the years of Turkish occupation.  
A small tour to our village.
Entering the village you will see the magnificent stone-built Primary School, one of the best in Arcadia. It was build in 1952 by the donations of Sagiotians living in U.S.A. and Canada
Today the building houses the Municipal Administrative Office, the Surgery and the Offices of the Cultural Association of Saga. It is also underway the creation of a small Public Library and a small “village-Museum.” Next to the Primary School the beautiful church of Saint Antonios is located.

The Primary School
Going up to the upper part of the village, “Pano-Vrisi” is situated. “Pano-Vrisi” is a large stone construction with its twin arches, built in 1890 and used as a reservoir for the village gathering the spring water of “Sikitsa.”

The Boutseliza Bridge
In the outskirts of the village (2 Km South) you can admire the two torrents meet and the old stone bridge of Butseliza built in 1924. Walking S/W from the stone bridge of Butseliza, we face the small church of Saint John, in the place called “Ovoroi.” It was built in 1900 in the shadow of a big rock near by to a stone well with its clear waters and the gigantic willow trees.

St. Theodore
East of the village, is located the Cemetery and the old Church Saint Theodore. The church dates back to 18th century and is well known for its stone church-tower. West of Saga following the road to the village Pikerni, there are three small country chapels: Saint Nicholas, Sain Dimitrios and that of Saint Athanasios which is located in the ruins of an ancient village. It is said that Saint Athanasios is founded in the base of an ancient Greek temple.

The present time Saga
Time in Saga stands still. Its natural beauties and the genuine hospitality of  Sagiotans (around 180) create an attractive destination. Saga, is a real jewel for Mantineia.

The Immigration years

During 50’s and 60’s, a good number of  Sagiotans were compelled (mainly by poverty) to immigrate either internally (Athens, Tripolis, Nauplio, etc) or abroad (USA, Canada, Australia) abandoning their houses.

The foundation of  Saga

The village was probably found between 1450 and 1500 by “Sagas”, an Ottoman Official “Bey” who ruled the area. Bey Sagas, forced peasants from Arcadia’s and Argolida’s villages to settle in the region establishing thus the first community.

A natural fortress…

According to tradition, it was Saga the place where the dreams and hopes of the first settlers, were nested. The surrounding mountains create a natural fortress, which protected these first inhabitants.

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